Post-Truth — is it an old human habit or just a new disease in the DACH Region & America ?

Since autumn 2016 there is a new-old-hot debate in the DACH region about the ‚post-truth‘ age, we are living in, therefore I asked my self, if this is just a trend in correct old Germany or do we have this post-truth habits now globally ? When I look at the presidential election in the US and some candidates on both sides (democrats & republicans), then I think, yes, they have this problem too, as well as the voters, who got hysteric after Donald J. Trump was president elected, pushed by fake news, social media and a 2nd class society becoming a 3rd class society.

Many people had the feeling, that world is going down now, just by emotional feelings and warnings, instead of just wait, think and see, what will happen.

How is it now with the post-truth in the global business world ? From my middle-eastern science studies at university and many travels to that region from 1999–2006 I know, that doing business there is something for sharks, especially if you came with a correct German mindset and want to close the deal within 2 days, but then you have to go for cay and camel-races for 1 week first with your business partners. But this is not post-truth, it’s more a cultural thing.

Also in Asia you know, that only smiling, does not mean, everything is fine and correct with the deal. Mostly after that, the trouble just began. But this is also not post-truth it’s cultural differences.

So how about post-truth, which is not, what is like doing business in Middle East and Asia, it’s more about making your own statistics to look better in sales, it’s about an felt apocalypse after Trump election, it’s about job title overkill and it’s about no real facts, but emotional felt facts and figures.

I see this ‚post-truth’ topic also in journalism, that the press got since some years more depend from economic results, than perfect investigated essays. People consuming just facebook and twitter don’t know anymore, what is right and what is wrong or just marketing or a try to influence politics by an hysteric forecast throughout the media or lobby groups. Some of us are not used to think anymore or just haven’t learned it, because they grew up with TV & social media only — the Millenials.

There is a silent mass outside we know since Donald J. Trump got president of the USA, who is tired of fake news, fake facts & figures in business, middle-class decline, illogical decisions made by companies to their boss or unrealistic sales goals and fake business.

Yes, this is now a global problem and melting-pot of news, fake news, old-school-business, startups with fantastic billion dollar exits, which seems so unreal to reach for the normal citizen as to win the jackpot in a lottery.

I also think we get more and more a divided society, from political, social and business aspect.

The middle-class has became poorer than 20 years ago(except the generation of inheritors), we are unable to cope all the war and refugee problems worldwide and we are in a business fake helix, which runs our life faster and faster with less quality, less real numbers and no handshake quality, than 20 years before. The working class got more self-esteem and will get more power, because they are sick of just doing the dirty work without Boni. You can see this at the elections in europe and the US and I just don’t talk about the tendencies in China, India and Africa…

On the other side you can say, ok, this is just human and our society in the Western World as well in Eastern Europe does better and better over the last 15 years, but for which price ?

Ok, we don’t have wars in Europe since 70 years, but we are also not the United States of Europe and I am not sure, if we will one day. We got more depend from global markets and fast disruptive developments of the last 5 years.

I know, this post-truth thing, is a big topic, you can discuss it for nights, but I would be interested in your international experiences about that.

A common goal for 2017 for us could be:

  • Then to take more time for the facts & figures, to win back handshake quality with business partners.
  • Not to get hysteric in this strange, crazy world, calm down and think.
  • To stop the business-fake-helix and say no to this fake marketing bullshit.
  • To learn from older entrepreneur generation and be more aware of top quality, than just making money.

This version is similar to my other 2 blog-posts in German, but I also adopted it a bit to global aspects.

In one sentence: We have to shift back to more quality, honesty and humanity and purge fake news, a live for profit only and all social media madness, which brings us to a vicious circle, we can’t escape from.

Find here an old book, which still fits into 2017.

Thanks and best regards from Vienna,


Picture source:

BREADHUNTER, the Headhunting Blog by Thomas Zahlten.